Black Student Union

University of Mississippi

Christopher Feazell

Over the past 60 plus years, African Americans have achieved great academic, economic and social success. However, as recent events confirm, minority groups are still not on equal footing with their White counterparts. Particularly in the south, people are still intolerant and prejudice towards African Americans for many are simply uneducated about Black culture. Despite its history of bad race relations, Ole Miss has made successful strides to bridge the gap between its White and minority students. For example, in recent years, it has established a campus wide creed that promotes civility, dignity and fairness, created a Center for Inclusion and Cross Cultural Engagement, removed the confederate flag from flying over its campus, and is currently attempting to rename buildings that were originally named after people who did not support inclusion or diversity. There is no doubt that these changes are a direct result of the efforts of organizations like the Black Student Union.